Sunday, July 8, 2012

The last one

I am so happy thinking this is the last work in English! I don´t want to be mean, but I am so tired… I just want vacations.

When I started this year with English 3, I wasn´t motivate because many people told me that take English in University is a waste of time. Then I realized that is not true. I really enjoy my English classes and blogging too. Topics were interesting (most of them), and this make me use English and remember all my English grammatical knowledge (these things are forgotten easily).

The advantages of blogging in the English class are:
First, we can say what we want say. This is important because we look for the way of express ourselves, sometimes is difficult find the right words to do it or find ways to say something easily, according to our abilities.

And the disadvantages of blogging in English are that if we make a mistake while writing we don`t realized. So, maybe we don´t learn too much.

Well… this is the end :( but I really, really hope that we continue together the next semester with the same miss :) (not Thursdays afternoon would be better)

Goodbye everyone.

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