Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I like many, many rock bands and singers, but I am not a fan of anything. I don´t  like it. In addition most of the time are specific songs that I like, not groups. However, if I had to choose, I choose Coldplay because it is the band that I like all the songs (though not all the songs I hear with the same pleasure).
Coldplay is a British alternative rock band formed in 1996 (in London). The band members are Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion.
Coldplay has always been an active group of several political and social causes. This is one of the reasons because I like them. Other reason is their songs make me fell peace, happiness, only Coldplay make me feel that way.
My favorite song is life in Technicolor II, besides the letter and lovely melody this song has an amazing video J

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist (USA) known as one of the founders of humanistic psychology, a psychological tendency that postulates the existence of a basic human tendency toward mental health, which would manifest as a series of self-seeking process.
Maslow was jewish, and he felt different to be jewish. For this reason he always felt sad and alone in his childhood. I write this because maybe was important for his future work.
The most important work of Maslow (besides humanistic psychology) is  Maslow's pyramid of needs, this model suggested a hierarchy of human needs, in which the satisfaction of basic needs leads to the generation of higher needs.

I like Maslow work because I think before him psychologist didn´t think about happiness or people well-being. Maslow didn´t look for diseases, abnormalities or pathologies, he had a positive view of human being and I like it. I really hope i´ll not be a sick psychologist, finding diseases where there are none. That is sad and ridiculous. Is better looking for ways of health.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The last one

I am so happy thinking this is the last work in English! I don´t want to be mean, but I am so tired… I just want vacations.

When I started this year with English 3, I wasn´t motivate because many people told me that take English in University is a waste of time. Then I realized that is not true. I really enjoy my English classes and blogging too. Topics were interesting (most of them), and this make me use English and remember all my English grammatical knowledge (these things are forgotten easily).

The advantages of blogging in the English class are:
First, we can say what we want say. This is important because we look for the way of express ourselves, sometimes is difficult find the right words to do it or find ways to say something easily, according to our abilities.

And the disadvantages of blogging in English are that if we make a mistake while writing we don`t realized. So, maybe we don´t learn too much.

Well… this is the end :( but I really, really hope that we continue together the next semester with the same miss :) (not Thursdays afternoon would be better)

Goodbye everyone.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


First I have to say I hate the days of summer with all my heart. I hate the sun, hate the heat ... I'm allergic to the sun, then in the spring and summer I have to walk always with sunscreen in my bag. Besides, sweat makes me feel dirty all day.

Because of my allergies I try not go out much during the day in summer, and as a result of this I gain too much weight. May sound very unfeminine, but another thing I stressed in summer is always having to be shaved...

Well, because of all this my favorite season is autumn. It's the season of my birthday, it's very pretty with the leaves falling ... I love coats, boots, scarves, gloves ... and to use all that I don`t need worry about my weight.

What I do in fall is to take a lot of tea, watch movies on my bed and walk without sweating :) I love it!

Good thing about the summer I met here in Santiago is go out at night to dance or drink something, is very nice ... as the major problem of autumn-winter is that when you go dancing has to be drawn a lot of clothes that do not know where to put!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favorite place

I have two sisters and a brother, so i never had a bedroom  for me, i mean a place to be alone.
Then, when i arrived to Santiago i lived in different places but finally i found the little flat where i live now. Here there are three bedrooms, i have the big one J with a queen size bed (this place come with its own furniture) a big closet and a little tv.

Now this is my favorite place, here i sleep, study, read, watch tv, use my notebook, and other things. I really like my bedroom because it is mine, only mine!! i keep it very clean, everything is purple and white and everything has a determined place.

This is a really relaxing bedroom (maybe is the white bedspread) and is the best place ever when i want to have an afternoon nap, because i have a dark purple drape, so this is like night.

This bedroom means something to me because here my past and my present are togheter, if any other person get in my bedroom she/he will see me, all i am is reflected in this place.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Culture, magic and food

When i was younger i dreamed with an entire life of travels, knowing the world, living in any other country. My mother was an important influence to me about this dream, her father leaved Chile 30 years ago, he live in Italy where he achieved a comfortable life (this never would happened here). So, my mom always thought about Europe and all its charm.

The problem started when I realized I never could leave my family, my friends and lately (when I get one) my boyfriend. Then I decide live a modest life and save money to travel anyway, this is a fact for me, I know i`ll do it. I want to know many places, but there are three countries that I think they are most interesting than others: Ireland, England and Italy.

First, Ireland is a really beautiful and magic place. I`m in love with Celtic culture and obviously Ireland is the place for know the real celtic culture.

Second, I love England: castles, history, music, fashion, green hills. The strange, funny, elegant accent. There is so much to know! Besides, I want to walk in every place mentioned in Harry Potter  <3

Finally, there is something that the aforementioned countries don`t have… good food! I want to know Italy because I am a fan of its food; I love pastas and pizzas. Obviously Italy has many other things to know, but I would be lying if I said I want to know it for other thing.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well… this is not my favourite picture in the world, but I have not time to looking for a best one and I like it anyway.

I don`t know who took this picture, one day it just appear in internet! Paparazzis (¬¬) I suppose was one of my ex classmates.

I really like this picture because is so natural and shows a normal highschool moment: me and my friends in 4th grade (2009), we were so excited in a Spanish exposition… I think it was at end of the year, like October or November. The boys in the picture are (left to right) Jaime, Cristian, Gabriel and Jaime (again) the little girl between them is me J

I really miss to be in highschool, I think I say this everyday! :/   I miss the simple life, the uniforms, good marks. Good times…   
Besides, this image is so careless, so “I really don`t care” and it was… I was not worry.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


When i was in highschool i watched many tv shows, so, now i am thinking i never watched a complete one. I don´t like to feel like a slave of anything, then when i really, really like something i leave it.  I know this is weird,  but to be like that people fixed to their computer screen all day is worse.
However, i´ll write about “THE O.C” because this tv show came to my mind in this moment. “THE O.C” is about the orange county in U.S.A, a rich place with rich people, rich houses and (the most important thing) with rich teenagers. Seth, Ryan, Marissa and Summer are the main characters and the story starts when Ryan (a poor and conflictive boy) arrives to Seth home (a nerd rich boy),  Marissa and Summer are the hot and  popular girls in the neighborhood.
This tv show has many season, in fact, it starts when they are 16 years old and finishes when they are like 20 (maybe more). Everyday is darker: drugs, alcohol, lies, sex, infidelity, killers, accidental deaths, rich people get poor and so on…
I liked it because they had the same age as me and… i don`t know, i guess some part of me wants  to be a rich sexy girl XD ( YEARS AGO!) Maybe someday i will decide to watch the entire show. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I never was a technological person; I have to adapt every time a new” futuristic thing” arrives to everyday life. The hardest part (as the Coldplay song XD) is when my academy life is affected by this (the technological stuff).
I mean, obviously technology is important for me –microwave, mobile phone, washing machine and so on- but I don´t die for it. I guess things I enjoy are very simple, playing computer games, watching movies (on TV) and here I stop my progress jajajaj.
Apart from that there is the question of money, I don´t want to spend my money on things  that last one year!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I was born in june 18th of 1991 in Concepción. I have five sisters and one brother, my mother is my father`s second wife and as a consequence we are four and the others three are… half sisters? Well, in my home I am the eldest daughter and my sisters and brother are the most important thing in my life.
I lived in Concepción until I had 11 years old and studied in Instituto San Pedro. Then we moved to Cauquenes (nobody knows Cauquenes :/ ) and there I passed 6th, 7th and 8th grade in Escuela Aníbal Pinto, a poor elementary school.  My High School was Liceo Claudina Urrutia, there were the best years of my life and there I met my ex boyfriend, we were together for almost 4 years. So, now I’m single L

 After high school I prepare PSU in Cepech, I always want study in Universidad de Concepción but… I don´t know, life make me arrive here, to Universidad de Chile in Santiago. Honestly, I know it was the right choice but it was hardest choice too.

what else...  I like try new things, i like cook, watch movies, draw, read (I LOVE girls magazines :D ). Now i live near here, in a build with two girls (carla and cata), we met in a boardinghouse (i don´t know if this word is right ) where we lived past year.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


My name is Camila Larenas and i´m 20 years old. I´m a Psychology student (2º), i hate computers so, blogs aren´t a hobby for me. This is so, so boring... but i need 70 words.

I just hope with this activity learn how to work a blog and, obviously approve (i don´t know if this is the right word) English.

I like movies, pizza, pasta, beer, draw, walk, read...  and I live in the south (vii region).  WELCOME!  :D