Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist (USA) known as one of the founders of humanistic psychology, a psychological tendency that postulates the existence of a basic human tendency toward mental health, which would manifest as a series of self-seeking process.
Maslow was jewish, and he felt different to be jewish. For this reason he always felt sad and alone in his childhood. I write this because maybe was important for his future work.
The most important work of Maslow (besides humanistic psychology) is  Maslow's pyramid of needs, this model suggested a hierarchy of human needs, in which the satisfaction of basic needs leads to the generation of higher needs.

I like Maslow work because I think before him psychologist didn´t think about happiness or people well-being. Maslow didn´t look for diseases, abnormalities or pathologies, he had a positive view of human being and I like it. I really hope i´ll not be a sick psychologist, finding diseases where there are none. That is sad and ridiculous. Is better looking for ways of health.

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