Thursday, June 21, 2012


First I have to say I hate the days of summer with all my heart. I hate the sun, hate the heat ... I'm allergic to the sun, then in the spring and summer I have to walk always with sunscreen in my bag. Besides, sweat makes me feel dirty all day.

Because of my allergies I try not go out much during the day in summer, and as a result of this I gain too much weight. May sound very unfeminine, but another thing I stressed in summer is always having to be shaved...

Well, because of all this my favorite season is autumn. It's the season of my birthday, it's very pretty with the leaves falling ... I love coats, boots, scarves, gloves ... and to use all that I don`t need worry about my weight.

What I do in fall is to take a lot of tea, watch movies on my bed and walk without sweating :) I love it!

Good thing about the summer I met here in Santiago is go out at night to dance or drink something, is very nice ... as the major problem of autumn-winter is that when you go dancing has to be drawn a lot of clothes that do not know where to put!

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