Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favorite place

I have two sisters and a brother, so i never had a bedroom  for me, i mean a place to be alone.
Then, when i arrived to Santiago i lived in different places but finally i found the little flat where i live now. Here there are three bedrooms, i have the big one J with a queen size bed (this place come with its own furniture) a big closet and a little tv.

Now this is my favorite place, here i sleep, study, read, watch tv, use my notebook, and other things. I really like my bedroom because it is mine, only mine!! i keep it very clean, everything is purple and white and everything has a determined place.

This is a really relaxing bedroom (maybe is the white bedspread) and is the best place ever when i want to have an afternoon nap, because i have a dark purple drape, so this is like night.

This bedroom means something to me because here my past and my present are togheter, if any other person get in my bedroom she/he will see me, all i am is reflected in this place.


  1. jajaja that simpsons moment is epic! like many many others

  2. My bedroom is my favorite place too, it's the best!!!