Thursday, May 31, 2012

Culture, magic and food

When i was younger i dreamed with an entire life of travels, knowing the world, living in any other country. My mother was an important influence to me about this dream, her father leaved Chile 30 years ago, he live in Italy where he achieved a comfortable life (this never would happened here). So, my mom always thought about Europe and all its charm.

The problem started when I realized I never could leave my family, my friends and lately (when I get one) my boyfriend. Then I decide live a modest life and save money to travel anyway, this is a fact for me, I know i`ll do it. I want to know many places, but there are three countries that I think they are most interesting than others: Ireland, England and Italy.

First, Ireland is a really beautiful and magic place. I`m in love with Celtic culture and obviously Ireland is the place for know the real celtic culture.

Second, I love England: castles, history, music, fashion, green hills. The strange, funny, elegant accent. There is so much to know! Besides, I want to walk in every place mentioned in Harry Potter  <3

Finally, there is something that the aforementioned countries don`t have… good food! I want to know Italy because I am a fan of its food; I love pastas and pizzas. Obviously Italy has many other things to know, but I would be lying if I said I want to know it for other thing.

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  1. :D at last! you post something! I was bored :C Italy's food rock! <3